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Add some red to your life ❤️

‘I won’t get a red bag because it wont match many outfits’ I have heard this said many times and I'm here to convince you that IT'S JUST NOT TRUE!

While grey, white, navy and black outfits CRAVE a pop of red, they are certainly not the only colours that benefit from a red accessory.

I cant actually find a colour that red bags don't look great with!

Red adds colour to bland and toned-down hues, interest to dark colours and compliments bright outfits.

Here at Alder, our British berry red laptop bags are a firm favourite with customers. More often that not, a customer will purchase a berry red laptop bag and then order a matching cross body bag.

"I just wanted to say how much I love my AlderStyle laptop bag! The red cheers me up and I get so many compliments on it" Customer review from Amber P

If you want to brighten your life with an Alder red laptop bag or handbag, don't forget you can get 10% off the price with code 'Autumn10' (until the end of October 2022).

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