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How Mumsnet drove a 3,533% increase in visits to my website in one day

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is a true story.

One day last week the number of visitors to my business website increased by 3,255% and I had absolutely no idea why.

Perhaps an influencer had posted about my products? Maybe I had received press coverage that I was unaware of? Could a celebrity have been photographed using an Alder product?

With some Google Analytics investigation I found the source of the traffic.

It was Mumsnet. But why? Mumsnet is surely a website purely used to discuss parenting and babies?

Apparently not. Someone had posted this comment on a discussion thread on the site...

And it was THIS reply that caused the huge increase of visitors to my site and, subsequently, sales...

Wow. Seeing these posts left me with these main feelings. Pride, Awe, Reassurance and Determination.

Proud that a customer loved the laptop bag that she bought from my business so much.

Awestuck at the power and the trust in the Mumsnet community. (I am now aware that it most certainly is NOT just about parenting and babies but a safe place for all to pool knowledge, advice and support. Where HAVE I been until now?!).

Reassurance that the problem that I designed my products to solve still very much exists.

Determination to make many more women aware that a solution to their problem exists in the form of an Alder bag.

"I want a big handbag that just happens to hold a laptop. I don't want anything that looks like a laptop bag"

The Christie laptop tote was made to meet this this exact brief.

More and more of us are carrying a laptop or tablet but the bags in which we carry them largely remain clunky, ugly and uncomfortable.

We want a laptop bag that looks great whether we are commuting, whether in a formal or informal work space or in a bar or restaurant after work. And we don't want a bag that looks like a laptop bag that makes us feel vulnerable to theft.

The Christie has all the practicalities of a protective and practical laptop bag AND has the aesthetics of a beautiful luxury handbag.

Made from strong but tactile leather, it has wide shoulder straps for comfort and can be attached to a trolley bag/carry-on. It has a zip across the top that can be secured with a padlock if needed.

It is lined throughout with quilted fabric that protects your tech from bumps and scratches. A slip pocket large enough for any laptop up to a 17" screen. It has a large zipped pocket for personal or valuable items and two slip pockets inside for a drinks bottle/umbrella/phone/glasses/keys/charging cable.

A little bit about the Alder story...

I launched Alder on International Women's Day 2018 with The Fearne bag.

I worked as cabin crew and then spent 15 years commuting and travelling in my corporate jobs. I experienced first hand the daily compromise between the 'practical but ugly backpack' and the 'stylish but uncomfortable tote' and I couldn't find a bag that was beautiful AND practical.

I was incredulous and a bit mad about it to be honest, which drove my research and I realised that I wasn't alone in looking for a laptop bag without compromises.

Handmade by fourth-generation artisan leather craftspeople in Somerset, Alder products come with a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship. I'm proud that Alder has become known for its impeccably made products and timeless style.

I share the process of creating products on social media. In fact, the feedback that I've had from my followers and customers has been instrumental in the creating process.

You can find @AlderStyle on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Do let me know if you found Alder via Mumsnet! I'd love to hear from you.

*This is not an advert. I am not working with Mumsnet in any way.

This is genuine and in my own words.

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