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Specialist subject: laptop bags

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

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I can't imagine that there are many people on this earth that have spent more time thinking about laptop bags than I have.

Really, it would be my specialist subject on Mastermind (if I ever had the nerve to do such a thing!)

I've always had a love for bags. When I was an air stewardess I had quite the collection. I developed a real appreciation for craftsmanship, detail and design.

While laptop bags have only been an obsession of mine for around 5 years, the realisation that there was a gap in the market for a laptop bag that, well, didn't look like a laptop bag was in around 2005.

At that time I was commuting regularly and travelling internationally with my job at Microsoft. I couldn't find a work bag that was big enough, comfortable to carry AND that looked nice. It was as if I was searching for the holy grail.

The standard issue black masculine briefcase style bag that I was given with my laptop remained in its plastic. For comfort I used the smartest sports rucksack that I could find on particularly arduous commutes but I hated to have it on my back in bars after work. I'd mostly use a large handbag to carry my heavy laptop in, but the narrow straps would cut into my shoulders and the open top made me feel vulnerable to theft.

At that time laptop bags, without exception, were not desirable or stylish in any way. I'd discuss this with other women and found that they had largely resigned themselves to that fact.

By 2017 (and having had experience at this point of designing, manufacturing and selling handbags and purses) I made it my mission to do something about it.

I did my research. I sent a survey out on the subject of laptop bags which was shared and shared again. Hundreds of women responded and I used their feedback to design Alder's flagship bag 'The Fearne'.

Here is a short video showing the Alder story from 2018 to today...

Alder launched with a flying start on International Women's Day in March 2019 and quickly gained a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, versatility and quality.

"Now, more than ever, we should expect more from the bag that we carry our work and everyday lives in. We need a bag that looks as at-home in a board room as it does in a bar or coffee shop. A bag that is as comfortable and functional as it is beautiful." Sarah McGill,

We are still in the story. There is more to come. And I'd love you to be part of it. Join the Alder journey on Instagram and Facebook

If you'd like to learn more about the name Alder and its connection with ancient Celtic Mythology (and Harry Potter!) you can read about it here.

Remember that you can take 10% off your order at the moment with code 'Autumn10' (until the end of October 2022).

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