What you wear matters.


Your bag is more than a means of transporting your belongings. It reveals facts about you, as much as - or more than - the contents do.

It is completely understandable therefore, that you want a bag that is as stylish as it is practical.  

For too long we have chosen between practicality and style on a bag that we use so often.  

Technology has advanced quickly and it allows us the freedom to work anywhere, but the bags in which we carry our tech hasn't kept up.

Until now.

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Sarah McGill

Founder of Alder

"I recommend it (the Alder laptop bag) to anyone commuting or spending time in crowded cities and wanting to be assured that everything inside the bag is safe at all times". Elaine S 


Comfort and Versatility

Carrying a laptop can be a pain in neck/back/shoulders.

How does an Alder laptop bag address this?

Varying the way in which you carry your bag can help ease stress points in your neck, back and shoulders.


An Alder laptop bag can be worn as a backpack, a shoulder bag OR a messenger bag.

Wide shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly.

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Security and Protection

We can feel vulnerable both to theft and to damaging expensive tech.

How does an Alder laptop bag address this?

An Alder bag has the aesthetics of a luxury handbag so that it doesn't scream "I am carrying a laptop!" as traditional laptop bags do.


Having the zip across the bag (as opposed to across the top) means that, when the zipped side is worn against the body, your contents are safe from theft.

For additional security, the zips can be padlocked.


Alder bags are lined with lightweight padding to protect your tech from scratches and scrapes experienced during commuting.

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Ethical and Sustainable

As consumers, we are increasingly mindful about shopping ethically.


How does Alder address this?

Alder products are made with happy hands in a 4th generation workshop  in Somerset, England 

The leather is ethically sourced and the hardware is sourced from the U.K.

The workshop is so proud of their craft that they offer a traditional lifetime guarantee.

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