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Be more Princess of Wales and Queen of Spain

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I have twin twelve year-old daughters who, when let loose in Primark, become almost hysterical. Armed with pocket money and the determination to find the best outfit before her sister, shopping trips quickly descend into a frenzied attack on the store.

They are blown away with the volume of 'stuff' they can get for a relatively small amount of money and little thought is given to whether they really like it or how many times they'll wear it.

I get it. At their age, and until around 15 years ago in fact, I would have done the same.

But I'm a grown up now and I won't ignore the fact that there is significant work to be done to provide a decent living wage to the vast majority of workers in the global fashion supply chain, 80% of whom are young women with limited education and employment opportunities and who scarcely earn enough to survive or be afforded a dignified existence, where their basic human rights are met (source Global Fashion Agenda).

Both the Princess of Wales and the Queen of Spain are known for rewearing and restyling clothes. Neither woman was born into aristocracy and both women will now have the choice of the world's wardrobes. Both women choose to rewear.

While theirs is a powerful message, this certainly is not a new concept. In fact, the term 'capsule wardrobe' was coined in the 1970's by Susie Faux, owner of London's fashion boutique 'Wardrobe'.

30 wears is another well thought out campaign which was started by Livia Firth and it is about asking yourself the simple question 'will I wear this at least 30 times?' before you buy a piece of clothing.

If the answer is no, put it back.

Then there is the cost per wear calculation which is my favourite.

These rules can be applied to any purchase and the very good news is that there still CAN be joy in buying something new. And that, when purchased consciously, the purchase will keep on giving.

This is a photo of Brett. He is part of a team in Somerset, England that makes every single Alder laptop bag and handbag.

Brett and his team are the reason that I can confidently offer a traditional lifetime guarantee on the exceptional craftsmanship of every leather product.


So, the cost cost per wear of an Alder bag is minuscule

AND the bag will will take you from commute to desk to dinner


you can get 10% off the purchase price with code 'Autumn10' (until 31/10/2022)


it's free delivery (in the U.K.)....

the only decision is which of the four colours to choose

(which I appreciate is difficult!)

Get in touch if you have any questions, I love to hear from you

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