This stylish work bag can be used to carry any size laptop up to (and including) a 17" screen.





The bag has a long, wide and adjustable shoulder strap for versatility and comfort.


The hardware is brass.


The finest quality cowhide is used to make Alder products. 


There is a discreet pocket on the side seam of the bag for quick access to train tickets, card wallet or phone.



Lightweight quilted polyester lining.


Slip pockets are finished with leather trim. 


The largest slip pocket is fully lined with quilted polyester and can hold any laptop up to a maximum of a 17" screen.

It is also large enough to hold a 14" laptop in an Alder laptop sleeve.

Alternatively, it is perfect for slim folders and paperwork.


The second slip pocket is fully lined with quilted polyester and is large enough to hold a 15” laptop.  Alternatively, could be used to hold an iPad or paperwork.


A drawstring pocket is sewn into the seam at the base of the bag to hold a charging lead and plug.  An alternative use for the pocket could be to hold personal or valuable items or make-up.


A large zipped leather pocket is sewn into the lining of the front of the inside of the bag.


A trigger hook is sewn into the lining from which to hang keys



40cm tall

30cm wide

11cm deep

36cm from the base of the bag to the front zip.


Please watch tutorials on how to get the best from your Alder product here 


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Smart Leather Laptop Bag In Artisan Clay

  • A Revelation!!


    This is a laptop bag like no other.


    Designed for us girls and managing to find the sweet spot that combines beauty and practicality.


    Put simply - I love it.


    Before considering the practical design you cannot fail to be overwhelmed by the pleasure the bag delivers to your senses.....visually the feminine elegance, the leather is so soft to touch and then the amazing leather fragrance.


    I have been using a laptop bag for 20 years and have always just 'made do'. Until now.


    Alder's bag resolves the issues that we have put up with for all this time.


    The laptop bag is a great size and deceptively big on the inside giving plenty of room for all the extras. The cable pocket is perfect for the job, alongside the other internal pockets, allowing you to keep your belongings organised and easy to find.


    For me, the headline feature is how this bag looks and feels. Like a casual bag rather than highlighting to the world that you are carrying an expensive piece of equipment.


    It sits so comfortably on the shoulder or as a rucksack.


    I'd use the bag even when I don't need my laptop.


    LJW, Financial Director




    The Alder Laptop bag holds everything, even my widescreen laptop and has a secret pocket for your phone or handy essentials.


    Curiously, unlike every other laptop bag I've ever had, I didn't have to keep pulling it up on my shoulder as it rests there perfectly (not sure how, but it does).


    It emulates so much style and sophistication that I walked just that little but taller into the office and started the day feeling good.


    JW, Brand Manager

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