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Lydia Mansi - A ​Champion of Women-led, Independent Businesses

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I first came across Lydia when I attended a workshop that she lead on 'how to build a brand'.

I liked her immediately. She is warm and open. She knows what she's talking about and puts her points across in an experienced and inspiring way.

At the time that I attended the course, I was pretty sure that I wanted to call my company 'Alder' (for reasons named in my blog).

But did the name fit my business? was it a strong enough brand identity? what tag line would I use? Who would help me with a logo? Was I actually going off in the wrong direction? Did I have a story?

I got in touch with Lydia after the workshop and I booked her for a 1:1 'brainstorming session'.

Lydia guided me with enthusiasm and assured me that I was 'on to something'. I left her with a solid foundation on which to build Alder.

I decided to start a new feature for Alder named 'Style and Substance' whereby I interview business women that I admire.

Lydia was the obvious first choice for me...

Introducing Lydia Mansi...

Lydia, what is your job?

I run Lydia Mansi Media, an all-female creative agency for women-led, independent businesses. We support brands in a range of services, from web development to branding, multimedia content, social media, SEO, marketing and business development.

I know that you are passionate about supporting and lifting other women in business. What is the most recurring issue/stumbling block that holds those women back?

Loneliness. Hands down. Women are social creatures and it’s really, really hard to be creative and stay driven when you’re sat at the kitchen table by yourself. Especially if you’ve left a career where you were part of a team. Self-doubt and procrastination soon creep in and really hold women back from reaching their goals.

What support can Lydia Mansi Media provide to help with these issues?

I do a lot of business mentoring with female business owners as they really need someone to bounce ideas off, also someone to keep them accountable and on track, just having someone to make an ‘action plan’ with, to breakdown what they need to do and make sure it happens! We also ‘get the work done’ – it’s often the case that women know exactly what they need to do to grow their business, there’s just not enough hours in the day!

We ensure the blogs get written, the posts get scheduled and the newsletters get out.

Freeing business owners up to do the ‘big thinking’.

What do you see the future of LMM being like?

My vision is to take over a converted barn or warehouse studio and have a 5-6 strong team in the next 2 years. I want to have space for a photographic and video studio so we can offer that in-house, too. I’m also in talks about starting a podcast and running creative business women retreats this year. Stay tuned!

How does working with the Good Web Guide fit in with LMM?

My first love is writing, I was a magazine editor for 8 years and when the Good Web Guide approached me to be their Lifestyle Editor it felt like coming home. They’re a brilliant brand and they celebrate ‘excellence online’, so it felt like a great fit with what I do.

I NEVER want to give the illusion that I ‘manage it all’, in truth I work 60-70 hours a week. I survive on around 5-6 hours sleep a night and I am constantly questioning if I am getting the balance right.

Lydia, how would you sum your personality up in one line?

Fiercely loyal, sensitive and 100 miles a minute. If you’ve got me, you’ve got me for life!

How do you think others would sum up your personality?

Tough one! Strong, hard-working, principled…

Tell us something about yourself that people don’t necessarily know?

I am actually hugely introverted… everyone who knows me does a double-take when I say that but it’s true. I crave my own company, silence and space. I make sure I walk the dog in the woods for an hour a day to get that headspace and balance out busy ‘on-days’ where I’m training or running workshops with quiet days in the office.

Name some of the jobs that you have had.

I’ve had a job since I was 12! I’ve worked in a fudge shop, green grocers, as a waitress, chambermaid, bar staff… I had 3 jobs through uni, then started my first ‘proper job’ before I’d even graduated and had to take the day off for the ceremony!

How do you juggle working, travelling and being a Mum?

I am militant about ‘quality, not quantity’ when it comes to time as a family. So between 5-7pm it is a no phone-zone and weekends are sacred. I am away a lot with work but other than overseas trips I try and ensure it’s never for more than 2 nights in a row - it takes some logistics!

We also travel a lot together; my husband’s family are Italian and we have a home in France, for me it’s important that they have an outward-looking view on the world.

What wise words do you say to your children?

I feel like I’m turning into my mother but our family mantras are ‘be honest, be kind’ and ‘there’s no such word as can’t’. I want them to realise that it’s how we tackle the hard stuff that is important, it’s easy to succeed at the stuff we find simple.

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