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Georgia Ginsberg - The Sensational Mezzo Soprano Tea Maker

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Georgia is a fifth generation tea maker and brand director at independent British family tea companies, Dragonfly Tea and Tick Tock Tea.

Her great grandfather founded the rooibos tea industry in South Africa, after he became fascinated with the tea making potential of the indigenous rooibos bush plant. This rooibos based tea is still sold under the name Tick Tock Tea.

In 2001 Georgia's father added Dragonfly Tea, which specialises in quality black, green and herbal teas. It was the first company to introduce teas such as rooibos, chai, honeybush and white tea to the UK market.

Georgia, you must be very proud of your family’s achievement’s?

It’s an honour now to be at the helm as the fifth generation. I am also very aware of just much hard work went into it over the generations.

Have you always worked for the family business?

Yes, pretty much since I was a teenager. During the holidays I’d help out by manning stands and doing tea samplings at food fairs, exhibitions and health food shops. I later graduated to customer services and marketing, and I’ve been in my current role as brand director for the last four years.

"Because I’ve grown up with these brands, I feel like they are my siblings! My main job is to make sure both are constantly evolving and to keep improving how we tell people about ourselves and this magical world of tea."

What does your job involve?

My official job is brand director but as we are a small company I’m really involved in all parts of the business.

Picture showing Dragonfly herbal teas and Tick Tock rooibos tea

Younger customers are much more open to trying different types of tea. How do you make sure you appeal to them?

We’re really noticing this sea-change in tea drinking, particularly with our younger customers. There’s a real interest in wellbeing, quality, authenticity and experimentation.

We’ve also launched some new herbal teas for Dragonfly and some really fun Tick Tock Wellbeing teas that are all caffeine free and seem to appeal to everybody, no matter what age. They’ve all just gone into Waitrose which is exciting.

"Our night-time teas are proving particularly popular– we’re all so short of sleep!"

What countries have you visited in your job?

Travel is one of the real perks of the job because tea-making areas tend to be very beautiful and remote, often in the high mountains. The trips can feel quite intrepid and you get to meet some amazing people along the way. Highlights have been trips to China, Japan and South Africa – I’m looking forward to going to Darjeeling next.

How would you sum your personality up in one line?

That’s a tough one! I’m going to go for: thoughtful, enthusiastic and curious. At least I hope so!

A little bird tells me that you are an opera singer?

Wow! please tell me about that.

Yes, your little bird is correct! I trained and worked as an opera singer for a number of years and still sing and teach on the side. It keeps things varied and balanced and singing is a great stress buster.

I’ve even done some singing tea tastings! We used different voices and styles of music to illustrate the difference between types of tea. Strangely, it really worked.

How did you come across Alder?

I mentioned to a colleague that I was trying to find a smart rucksack that could fit my laptop. I’d just started working remotely two days a week and was not looking forward to lugging it around. She recommended Alder and I’m very grateful – it’s been a life-changer!

Is supporting small British brands important to you?

The fact that Alder is a small independent brand like us means I like the bag even more!


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