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Being a Mum is the most demanding job that I have ever had - by a looooong way!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Today was supposed to look something like this…

This has been my actual day so far (bearing in mind it is currently 10:19am)…

Wake up in my own bed

I actually woke up on the bottom bunk in my daughter’s room. I must have made my way there in the night when it became clear that my husband’s snoring was not going to relent.

As it turns out it was quite convenient as my daughter didn't feel well in the night so she got in with me.

Get the 3 children to school.

My son went off ok but he left 'the important letter' on the worktop.

My twin daughters had a massive row over a school jumper, both were in tears and it became clear that one of them wasn’t well enough for school.

I dropped one daughter off at school and the other stayed in the car – thank god for kiss and drop (must remember to do my shift on Friday morning).

Attend school PTA meeting at 9am – another one missed as I take my daughter home.

Remember the raffle donation etc

Got home and find the raffle donation and tombola prizes in the hallway.

The dog looks at me with desperation in his eyes so I take him for a walk while carrying my 9 year daughter most of the way.

Attend a meeting for local business owners that I have paid for

With my daughter off sick I now can't attend the meeting. I'm gutted as I was looking forward to listening to the guest speaker. Jo Love was due to talk about mental health, burnout and generally looking after yourself (oh the irony).

This, by the way, is the same local business meeting that I missed last month due to an unexpected trip to the doctors with my other daughter.

That particular day ended up looking like this….school - doctors – pharmacist – doctors – school – pharmacist – doctors – school – guitar.

This was followed by force feeding said daughter 16ml of fluorescent yellow ‘banana’ medicine 3 times a day for 21 days.

Later today, there will be complaints about what food I ordered on the online shop and I'll watch the children pushing the dinner that I have cooked for them around their plates.

No clubs tonight (yay!) but I'll have the homework/music/ipad useage monitoring nag and coursework to finish.

Then I'll battle with my new, self-inflicted, 'no alcohol on a school night rule'.

I'll have the nightly discussion with my 11 year old son that 10pm is late enough to go to bed, both for him and me.

Then I'll wake up tomorrow morning on the bottom bunk.

Tired Mum with twin babies
A photo taken of me when the twins were babies.
I am allowing myself to sulk and feel fed up. Which will quickly be followed by self-chastisement and guilt.

I am lucky. I know I am.

Not everyone is lucky enough not to have a boss to report to. I don’t have the worry of burdening colleagues with my work when I’m not there. I can have flexible working hours. I can work at home when my child is sick.

I should be doing better than this.

What have I got to be fed up about?

Other people seen to do it easily, why can't you?

Get on with it.

I will look back on this time as one of the best in my life!

The children are growing up so quickly and that it 'will be over in a flash'.

I am lucky to be able to have children and a home when many can't.

I have a loving home and I am needed.

All three of my children are generally happy and healthy.

I have a supportive husband.

I can afford a full food shop and for the dog to have a hair cut!

Being a Mum is the most demanding, emotional, stressful, self-sacrificial, amazing, tiring, thankless, rewarding, frustrating and wonderful job that I have ever had.

I am a big fan of Laura @knee_deep_in_life who writes brutally honest posts about life as a Mum, as a wife and as a woman. She has the ability to write as if she is talking to you personally. Laura talks of her struggle with post natal depression and is able to take the piss out of herself with startling ferocity!

Hats off to all Mum's. Single Mum's, Mum's that are struggling to keep up, 'don't forget about me' Mum's. Working Mum's, trying-to work Mum's and 'want to be' Mum's.

Mum's that are managing it all well, Mum's that have poorly children or are poorly themselves.

Mums that are Dad-Mum's, exhausted Mum's, bored Mum's, Mums that have to work away, Mum's that feel like they are 'just a Mum' and Mum's that are loving life.

If only I had the opportunity to listen to a motivational speaker talking about mental health, burnout and generally looking after yourself. I'm sure it would help ;-)


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