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Elevate every journey,
every day
Leather laptop bags

Closed down

Alder has ceased trading. 


COVID has been cruel to this and many other small businesses.  Demand for laptop bags and handbags stopped immediately with the ‘working from home’ rule. Sadly, hybrid working has meant that demand hasn’t sufficiently recovered to make it a viable business. 


I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to bring an idea to reality.  A laptop bag for women that, well, doesn’t look like a laptop bag.  A big practical bag that is comfortable to carry AND has the aesthetics of a beautiful handbag.  I am very proud that the Alder Fearne and Christie laptop bags continue to improve every laptop carrying day for their owners – and will do for many years to come.  And the Bucklebury handbag has given those that don’t need a laptop, the opportunity to own a beautiful Alder product.


Supporting British manufacturing and small British business has been at the heart of Alder and I have the utmost respect for the people that are keeping valuable skills and heritage alive.


Thank YOU for supporting Alder.  The difference that every single order makes to a small business owner shouldn’t be underestimated.


With thanks and best wishes,


Sarah McGill

Owner and MD of Alder

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Made to work WITH you
It's backpack, a shoulder bag, a messenger bag


Work smart
Protective, strong and luxurious

Alder named by The Good Web Guide as one of the 'finest leather companies in the UK'
'This accolade is credit to the exceptional craftsmanship of the artisans in Somerset, England that make all of our leather products' 
Sarah McGill, Founder of Alder


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